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What are the routing incentives?

In order to promote cooperation within the network, PANGEA offers Members USD 25 bonus per each shipment routed to another PANGEA partner discounted directly from the annual membership fee.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Register your shipments at the earliest stage (before loading) and maximum 1 week after departure, the system is blocked after this time in order to assure the information is registered while the shipment is open/recent.

Who is the routing agent?

The Member that generates the business/shipment is the routing agent and the one entitled to receive the routing incentive.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Clearly indicate the correct routing agent from the scroll

How are your routing incentives calculated?

The PANGEA Shipment Monitoring System offers the right IT support to calculate your annual routing balance.
+ 1 shipment will be added to your account when you are the routing Member and -1 when you are the receiver Member.
Your annual balance if positive will be compensated at USD 25 per shipment.

Let’s clarify with an example This could be your annual balance

If you route 17 shipments to other PANGEA Members and you receive 8 shipments from other PANGEA Members.

Your accumulated balance is 17– 8 = 9. This is 9 x US$ 25 = US$ 225, discounted directly on your membership fee.

directly on your membership fee.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since the objective is to promote cooperation and diversified cooperation, the maximum incentive that can be obtained per a same counterpart Member is 10% of the Membership fee.

When will your routing incentives be applied?

At the end of your membership period (12 months) your routing balance will be directly discounted on your membership renewal fee.

The maximum compensation is the total amount of the annual membership fee. In any case, negative credits will not increase the fixed membership fee.

This information is not contractual and is likely to be modified by PANGEA at any time.