How do we protect Pangea members?

The main purpose of Pangea is to establish a stable and long lasting cooperation between the members of our association of transport companies, in which all participants can do business under the most complete guarantees. To do so, we adopt every measure within our reach in order to protect the interests of our collaborators.

The protection measures include:

Strict selection of members

To form part of our network of freight forwarders it is necessary to surpass an exhaustive personalised selection process in which we evaluate the trajectory, reputation, prestige and origins of each company within the transport sector.

Limited exclusivity

We accept a limited number of members per country. In this way, customers can choose, while at the same time we protect your business. The maximum is 4 members in the network for one same country, although depending on the size of the market, this number could be limited to 2 or 3.

Protected access

All services for Pangea members have protected access by means of user name and password. These details are only known by members and the automatically assigned password can be modified to increase security.

Real shipment monitoring

All shipments in which members of the global network participate are made by means of our own management and follow up platform. This lets you know at any time the situation of the order, enables you to solve any incidences or to send messages, etc.

Incidence management

The management and follow up platform of shipments allows for the programming of alerts to control operations and act early should any incidence, delay or unfulfilled obligations occur.

Secure payments

We dispose of a secure bank transfer service for members, that permits the realisation of payment in any currency, worldwide and 24 hours a day. This service is backed up by a well known financial entity of great solvency.

Good financial practices

Relationships between members are made following a series of good financial practices that include the obligation of payment at 30 days, insurance contracting on risky transactions and transparency when sharing information.

Control and arbitrage

Pangea permanently supervises the transactions made on our platform in order to detect any possible infraction of the existing safety measures and if necessary suspend the account of the member that does not fulfil them.