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Including stories from the most professional independent freight forwarders: FOX BRASIL (Brazil), MIREMAR (Uruguay), NEW GLOBE LOGISTIK (India), PEKAES (Poland) and VENTANA SERRA (China).



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FOX BRASIL concludes after 2 years a Biomass Power Plant project shipment

FOX Brasil, Pangea partner in Brasil, has successfully concluded one more grand project, this time moving door to door all elements for a Biomass Power Plant to Panama during 2 years of continued operations.

The project planning goes back to the end of 2015, when the FOX Brasil Project Logistics team thoroughly laid out all operations on a project time-line and shipping plan, to foresee as much ground as possible and to keep ahead of any possible setbacks, at that time they also started to carefully select the most competent providers for attending the cargo proportions, different transport modals and timing pressures.



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MIREMAR (Uruguay) releases new website

MIREMAR, PANGEA Partner in Uruguay, is proud to announce the release of their newly redesigned website, after several months of development. They invite you to visit them at

The new website has been designed for sharing with customers, partners, suppliers and prospects valued information about the Company trajectory, their solutions and explore their portfolio in general services for Air freight, Sea Freight, Road Freight, packaging, warehousing, customs clearance and specialised services (perishable goods, pharmaceutical products, dangerous goods, project cargo, hanging clothes, etc).



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The Future of Logistics, interview with Ashwin Didwania from NEW GLOBE LOGISTIK (India)

Ashwin Didwania, Managing Director at New Globe Logistik (Pangea partner in India), was selected as speaker in a Logistics workshop framed within the CES 2018, formerly The International Consumer Electronics Show, recently celebrated in Las Vegas. CES is the world’s gathering place where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace, with 50 years of history and featuring all aspects of the industry. It is really significant to see that Logistics occupies a space in so high-tech orientated events and proves the challenges the sector is facing.

Amongst other international speakers, Ashwin presented his views on the topic “The Future of Logistics”, including the relevance of logistics and its challenges, the emergence of tech forwarders, and the space left for boutique consulting and valued services. On his return, we took the opportunity to interview him and further his insights.

First of all, let’s comment about the event and the logistics workshop. What actors participated (freight forwarders, importers/exporters, shipping lines)? Which were the main concerns or matters discussed?

The event was consumer electronics show. It is one of the largest show’s in Las Vegas where importer, exporter, shipping line, freight forwards and tech experts all merge. This event has been used in the past for launch of products like iphone, ipad, Pentium chip processor, xbox, virtual reality games etc.. so it is pretty leading edge and futuristic.
On the logistics side the main concern was about how supply chains are gearing up for the future with changes in supply chain management , technology and customer requirements.



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PEKAES (Poland) on the Investment Road

PEKAES, Pangea partner in Poland and leading logistic operator, is increasing its activity on the Silk and Amber Road. Last year the company serviced hundreds of trains carrying goods from Baltic ports. The quantity of goods transported this way to the Łódź terminal doubled. Such dynamic development would not be possible without further investments which are being announced by the PEKAES Group.

From the moment of its takeover of the SPEDCONT company in 2013, the PEKAES Group has been investing incessantly in the development of the transport of goods from China and from Baltic ports located in Gdynia and Gdańsk. Thanks to the expansion of the cargo handling terminal in Łódź, the company may currently store even 3,500 forty-foot containers, i.e. 25 percent more than last year. By the end of April, the company is planning to finish the expansion of the 13-hectare terminal. This will enable it to increase the volume of shipments and reloading of goods transported from China and from sea ports.



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VENTANA SERRA (China), core Far East player with an A class and NVOCC license

Ventana Serra Freight Forwarding, new Pangea partner in China, operates with an A class and NVOCC license, being a core player for the Ventana Serra / Arcese Group in Far East through its branch offices in Dalian, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Zhongshan. They offer a wide range of tailor-made, innovative and cost effective multimodal solutions and has become one of the leading companies for international deliveries.

You can count on a keen team, dedicated local partner and reliable collaborator. Ventana Serra China is a single counterpart with the technical and practical organization and the know-how to combine sea and air transport with advance logistics and management of the supply chain.



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