Understanding detention and demurrage charges applied in Peru by CLP (Peru)

CLP CARGO Y ADUANAS, your Pangea partner in Peru, provides insights into understanding detention and demurrage charges applied in Peru. Delays (Demurrage) and detentions (Detention) in container transport are of paramount significance. Timely container turnover is essential since numerous containers are in constant motion globally.

Demurrage and detention charges are applicable when the allocated free time for container usage is exceeded, which can generate fees that directly impact on the overall logistics costs.

In Peru, Demurrage is calculated from unloading to return, and the terms Demurrage and Detention are collectively known as “Container Demurrage.” This unique terminology underscores the importance of comprehending specific container transportation terms and conditions in Peru.

In summary, in Peru, Demurrage and Detention charges are important factors affecting logistics costs and efficiency. Following to these terms is vital for businesses and individuals in the Peruvian shipping industry to ensure smooth cargo flow and cost control.

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