RELIANCE FREIGHT (Pakistan) Achieves IATA Accreditation

RELIANCE FREIGHT & LOGISTICS, your Pangea partner in Pakistan, has achieved a significant milestone by receiving accreditation from the International Air Transport Association (IATA). This recognition signifies the company’s dedication to maintaining high standards in logistics and air cargo handling.

Becoming an IATA agent is a remarkable achievement, as it enhances their credibility and provides access to industry insights and technologies. This accreditation will enhance RELIANCE FREIGHT & LOGISTICS‘s air cargo handling expertise and enable them to offer more competitive rates to their customers. Additionally, it reinforces their commitment to delivering exclusive logistics services and positions them as a trusted player in the industry, ready to excel in the global marketplace.

CONGRATULATIONS, RELIANCE FREIGHT & LOGISTICS, on the well-deserved IATA certification.

Pls. visit RELIANCE FREIGHT & LOGISTICS website for more information.

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