JSL LOGITICS/Lasare (Georgia) Introduces JSL Logistics for 2024 Services

JSL LOGITICS (LASARE LTD), your Pangea partner in Georgia, entered the new year of 2024 with exciting news. According to the company’s management decision, Lasare cargo terminal will continue operating under the name of LASARE LTD, while the logistics and brokerage services will be conducted by a separate company, operating in the global shipping market under the name of JSL Logistics.

JSL Logistics is dedicated to various sectors, including airfreight, road freight, sea freight, multi-modal transportation, brokerage services, cargo insurance, cargo handling, and local logistics. The company’s plan is to actively collaborate with new professionals, undertake long-term projects, enhance service speed and quality, and make their client-oriented services more flexible.

JSL Logistics will continue its current activities and relationships with clients and partners, actively participating in conferences and relevant events. JSL is always open to fruitful cooperation.

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