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Every year we organize our Global Meeting, FREIGHTCAMP, offering all Members of our group the opportunity to attend the event, to make the most to promote their companies, develop new contacts, strengthen relationships and explore business synergies.

In prevision that travelling and group assemblies will be facing severe restrictions in a global scale during an undetermined time, we have decided to run the 9th edition of Freightcamp as a virtual- only conference open to all the freight and logistics community. The circumstances are so exceptional that more than ever partnering and cooperation become essential and Freightcamp pretends to be a neutral meeting point for all our industry, where connections mean everything.

Come and join us at Virtual Freightcamp to grow your business worldwide and benefit from excellent online Networking with your international counterparts. Nowhere else you will have the opportunity to connect with colleagues, meet new partners, exchange business synergies and discover novel opportunities in such a short time.


Turn on your camera and grow your connections

Turn on your camera to meet, make business with and explore cooperation with fellow partners from around the world at this unique event.

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Meet your network partners

We can count on the new technologies and communication tools, which are really helpful and have completely changed business relationships, but the feelings from meeting your partners face-to-face can never be replaced. Our Members are able to prove their commitment with the Network and most important, with their partners, building tight bonds for the present and the future. PANGEA takes care of all the organizational details in order to celebrate all together once a year a great event, in a friendly and familiar environment, where business opportunities can flow and we are all encouraged to take a most active attitude.

Why Attend the FREIGHTCAMP Global Meeting

Attending the Global Meeting is a worthwhile investment, you reduce your representation costs by meeting many contacts at the same time and it is more efficient than any other marketing investment you could make. After attending the Global Meeting, business takes off and flows, making your membership really profitable. For this reason to attend the Global Meetings is a Network standard that all Members must fulfill. Pls. see details of our past Global Meetings for your reference in our professional networking.

More previous Meetings

Pangea Global meeting 2017

Ho CHI Minh City, Vietnam
26-28 September

Pangea Global meeting 2016

Abu Dhabi, UAE
17-19 October

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
18-21 October

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Bangkok, Thailand
10-12 November

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  • Another great and well organised event. Good to meet old friends and make new business contacts in a relaxed but professional environment

    - Steve Morris
    TRANSVALAIR United Kingdom

  • Very well organized network and annual meeting. The face to face interaction between various partners is very helpful and will generate an even better working partnerships.
    Pangea is absolutely an added value to our organization.

    - Robert Bruggemann
    SANTOVA Netherlands

  • The communication between members gets up to a complete new level once meeting our partners face to face. I personally regard most of the PANGEA Partner as friends now and think that there is no multinational competitor who is working so close together with his worldwide stations as it is done within the “PANGEA Family”. Thanks again for Your good work and coordination."

    - Bastian Milke

  • It is great pleasure to be with Pangea Meetings since its inception, and the growth of our Network, support we get from all the members worldwide. And we expect this professional approach in upcoming days too.

    - Sam Varghese

  • An excellent Network. All credit to Sarah and team for ensuring a smooth and valuable experience.

    - Mohammed Aslam Khan
    HIZAM SHIPPING Saudi Arabia

  • To participate on meetings makes all the difference when relating with partners. The work within the network has a totally diferent perspective after our presence in the meetings.

    - Rossana Arcos
    MIREMAR Uruguay

  • Global meetings are perfect platforms to develop individual relationships which serves to business progress between members. This platform can act the same way like multi-national platforms, even better in many cases because each of us have different expertise and knowhow in various fields of logistics.

    - Nil Tunasar

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