Taiwan has an export-oriented economy that holds an important position within the global economy. As a member of WTO, it ranked 16th largest exporter while scoping 18th place in being the largest importer in the world in 2017.
By engaging in foreign trade, it is a major player in regards to the communication technology and information industry. Taiwan is heavily dependent on its exports which include machinery, electronics, textiles, plastics, chemicals, ships and more.
Adding to the bilateral as well as multilateral trade agreements that Taiwan holds, it trades with countries such as the USA, Singapore, New Zealand and more. Taiwan has a freedom score of 77.3 making it the 10th freest economy in the world. This information can thus enable you to take advantage of foreign trade with the country by exploring sea freight and air freight.

Sea Freight In Taiwan

Taiwan oversees an extensive sea freight forwarding in most ports of the country, of which the biggest ones are described below:

Located in southern Taiwan, this port was established in 1858. It is the largest port in Taiwan occupying an area of 1,871 hectares with inner harbor waters occupying 1,468 hectares. It has 6 container terminals, 64 warehouse buildings with 9storage yards.
The port has an annual cargo throughput exceeding 9 million TEUs and about 125 million metric tons of cargo. It handles containerized, general and bulk cargo as well as petrochemical wharves.
It has a good connection to other regions by rail transport.

This is the second largest port in Taiwan and was established in 1976. It is situated in Wuqi District in Taichung, Taiwan. It spans over an area of 3.793 hectares and accommodates about 60,000 tons of vessels.
The port handles container, general and bulk cargo, grain, coal, and liquid cargo. Cargo tonnage handled yearly is more than 100 million metric tons.
It has a good road, rail and bus connection to other regions in Taiwan.

Located in Keelung City, Taiwan, this port was opened in 1886 and is currently operated by the Taiwan International Ports Corporation. The port occupies 86 hectares of land with 290 hectares of water. It has 39 storage units and handles cargo exceeding 127.4 tons.
The port has a good rail connection to other regions of the country.

Air Freight In Taiwan

Below describes an overview of air freight forwarding in major airports of Taiwan.

It is located in Siaogang District, Kaohsiung City in Taiwan. It was established in 1942 as a Japanese Army Airbase. The airport spans over 244 hectares with a state-of-the-art infrastructure to handle more than 73,500 metric tons of cargo.
Its principal connections to other regions include rail and road transport.

This airport was established in 1936 and is located in Songshan, Taipei in Taiwan. It occupies over 182 hectares. It handles cargo exceeding 47,000 tons with good road links to other regions of the country.

It is located in Dayuan District in Taoyuan City, Taiwan. It was opened in 1979 and occupies an area of exceeding 1200 hectares with plans of expansion.
As of 2010, it handled about 21 million tons of cargo and has good road and rail connections.

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