Situated in the southern region of Asia, Sri Lanka is ranked as a Lower Middle-Income country whose economy has seen robust growth. The country’s economy is mainly dominated by the agriculture and service sectors.
Sri Lanka is a huge participant in international trade and is a member of the WTO and SAARC. Hence, it actively engages in foreign trade by exporting rubber, tea, spices, gems, fish, and coconut products among others. It also imports products such as machinery, vehicles, ammunition, ships and boats and aircraft among other products.
Hence, its major trade partners include China, India, the US, Iran, Singapore, Germany, and many others. Some of these countries hold FTAs with Sri Lanka such as India and Singapore. Despite having some trade regulations, the country is open to international trade and provides huge opportunities for the exploration of foreign trade. Hence, you can take advantage of its foreign trade by learning about its sea and air freight.

Sea Freight In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka oversees an extensive sea freight forwarding in most ports of the country, of which the biggest ones are described below:

This is the largest port as well as the busiest in the country and is located in Colombo, in Sri Lanka. Its history dates back to the 14th century whereby it was known as Port of Kolomtota. This port spreads over 1,200 acres and consists of three well-maintained terminals and other port facilities. Its annual cargo tonnage amounts to 30.9 million tons while its container throughput is about 7 million TEUs.
The port has excellent road and rail connections to its surrounding areas within Sri Lanka.

With its history dating back to the pre-Christian times, the Port of Galle became an important port in the 12th century. It is an ancient port located in Galle, which is on the southwestern coast of the country and spreads over 320 hectares of water area. The port consists of well-maintained port facilities and equipment that handle annual cargo volumes of about 771,000 tons.
The port has well-established road and rail links to its neighbouring areas in Sri Lanka.

Situated in Trincomalee Bay, on the northeastern coast of the country, this port occupies 5,261 hectares of land area and 1,630 hectares of water area. The port consists of developed port facilities and well-maintained port equipment that mainly handle bulk and break bulk cargo. Its annual cargo handling volumes amount to over 3.5 million tons and
The port is connected to its neighboring regions by good rail and road links.

Air Freight In Sri Lanka

Below describes an overview of air freight forwarding in major airports of Sri Lanka.

This airport is located in Negombo suburb area and 20 miles north of Colombo in Sri Lanka. Its history dates back to 1964 whereby its construction began and was completed in 1967. The airport occupies 438 hectares. The airport has three cargo handling terminals with state-of-the-art facilities and storage areas. It has annual cargo traffic that exceeds 254,200 tons of cargo.
The airport’s major ground connections to its surrounding regions include good rail and road links.

This airport is located in Mattala, 18 km from Hambantota in Sri Lanka. It was inaugurated in 2013 and spreads over 2,000 acres of land. It has a cargo terminal that occupies 1,000 square meters and handles about 50,000 tons of cargo annually.
The airport has excellent road connections to surrounding regions in the country.

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