Being the second-largest economy in Africa, South Africa’s economy is among the industrialized economies within Africa. The country’s economy is also ranked among the top 4 richest countries in the African continent. With key sectors being manufacturing, agriculture, and mining, among others, the country majors in the exportation of corn, gold, fruits, diamonds, sugar, wool, and metals and minerals.
It main imports machinery, manufactured goods, chemicals, and transport equipment among others. Its principal foreign trading partners include China, the USA, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom and other countries in Africa.
The country holds free trade agreements with the African Union, the European Union among other countries. Due to domestic consumption mainly driving the economy, the country provides vast opportunities to take advantage of sea and air freights for your international trade interests with South Africa.

Sea Freight In South Africa

South Africa oversees an extensive sea freight forwarding in most ports of the country, of which the biggest ones are described below:

Situated on the western coast of South Africa, this port is the busiest in the African continent. It began around 1976 and occupies an area exceeding 19,300 hectares. It majors in handling iron ore and has an annual carrying capacity of 72 million tons of cargo.
It has road and rail connections to Cape Town and other regions within the country.

This port dates back to the 19th century around 1824 and is located on the east coast of the country. It occupies an area of 1854 hectares and is the largest container handling port in South Africa. It handles more than 31 million tons of cargo annually with a TEU of more than 2.5 million.
The port connects to other regions within the country through its good rail and road linkage.

This deep-water port is located in Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality, on the east coast of South Africa and 20km away from Port Elizabeth. It began its operations in 2009 and handles an annual cargo capacity exceeding 2 million TEU and cargo tonnage of over 6 million per year.
The port is linked by both rail and road to other areas within the country.

Located in Table Bay, within Cape Town, this port is one of the busiest trade routes in the world due to its strategic location. It began its operations in 1652. It mainly handles fruits, frozen and perishable products, containerized and general cargo. It handles more than 700,000 TEUs annually with container cargo tonnage amounting exceeding 9 million tons.
This port has good road and rail connections to inland areas within South Africa.

Air Freight In South Africa

Below describes an overview of air freight forwarding in major airports of South Africa.

It is located in Kempton Park, Gauteng in South Africa. It was established in 1952 but got renamed to its current name in 2006. It handles about 400,000 tons of cargo.
It is connected to other regions in South Africa by rail and road links.

Known as KSIA, this airport is situated in La Mercy. Its construction was initiated in the 1970s but it began operations in 2010. It is estimated to handle 165,000 tons of cargo annually.
It has good road and rail connections to its surrounding areas.

This airport was established in 1954 and is located 20km from Cape Town city center. It handles over 23,500 tons of cargo.
It only has direct road connections to surrounding areas.

Located in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, this airport was established in 1929. It handles over 800 tons of cargo which include meat, ostrich skins, flowers, mushrooms, and frozen lobster.
It has good road and rail connections to nearby regions.

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