Located in South America, Peru is among the top countries with the fastest growing economies. This country has a developing economy that ranks as the 39th largest worldwide by GDP and operates on a mixed economy basis. Its economy heavily relies on agriculture and fishing, manufacturing and service sectors as well as its exports.
Being the 45th freest country, Peru engages in foreign trade by exporting raw materials and importing capital and manufactured goods. As a member of the WTO, the country is very open to foreign trade and has trade partners such as China, the US, Brazil, Mexico, Switzerland, South Korea, India, and more countries.
The country exports goods such as copper, coffee, gems and precious metals, natural gas, fruits and vegetables, fish, fabricated machinery and metal products and more. Imports include petroleum, plastics, machinery, chemicals, vehicles, electrical equipment, foodstuffs, cotton, paper, medicines and vacancies among other products.
The Peruvian government targets to establish free trade agreements to boost its international trade and economy in general. Current FTAs implemented are with countries such as South Korea, Mexico, China, Singapore, Thailand and more.
The country has trade regulations in enforcement, especially on imported goods. However, the information below can help you learn more about the sea and air freight forwarding in the country in order to explore your international trade interests with the country.

Sea Freight In Peru

Peru oversees an extensive sea freight forwarding in most ports of the country, of which the biggest ones are described below:

This port is situated in Callao and 12km from Lima and is Peru’s largest seaport. It was established in 1537 and spreads over an area of 47.3 hectares with 8 docks as well as 18 docking facilities. It handles cargo exceeding 16 million metric tons and a container throughput of about 2 million TEUs annually.
It has well-established road and rail links to neighboring regions in the country.

Located in Paitain Peru, this port consists of 12 hectares of container yard, auxiliary buildings, and well-maintained cranes as well as other port equipment that is used to handle about 220,000 TEUs container volume and a cargo tonnage averaging to 734,000 tons annually.
The port has good road links to surrounding areas in the country.

This port was opened in 1947 and is located in Islay, Matarani in Peru. It consists of 3 docking sites with well-maintained equipment to handle over 11,000 TEUs and average cargo tonnage exceeding 550,000 tons.
It has access to surrounding regions within Peru through good road and rail connections.

Air Freight In Peru

Below describes an overview of air freight forwarding in major airports of Peru.

Situated in Callao in Peru, this airport was built and established in the early 1960s. The airport has state-of-the-art facilities that handle 810,000 tons of cargo annually. It is well connected by rail and road links to nearby areas in Peru.

Located in Cusco, a city in the southeastern part of Peru, this airport handles an annual cargo tonnage amounting to about 1,800 tons. It has well-established rail and road links to its surrounding regions in Peru.

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