The economy of Egypt is considered to be a stable mixed economy that ranks 45th by GDP and 21st by PPP in the world. It is mainly driven by the industry, agriculture and service sectors which produce the country’s exports and require to be sustained by the imported goods in the country.
It is the 62nd largest exporter in the world and exports goods such as crude oil, refined petroleum, cotton, metal products, chemicals and more. The country has a high dependency on its imports which include wheat, machinery, wood products, chemicals and more.
Being among the top largest economies in Africa, Egypt economy is a free-market economy and this enables it to carry out foreign trade with other countries such as China, the EU, and the US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and more. It maintains FTAs with some of these countries such as Turkey and the EU.
Its trade regulations are mainly imposed on imported goods. Yet, the country has a negative trade balance and this information should help you explore foreign trade opportunities with the country through sea and air freights.

Sea Freight In Egypt

Egypt oversees an extensive sea freight forwarding in most ports of the country, of which the biggest ones are described below:

Considered as Egypt’s busiest port with almost three-quarters of the country’s foreign trade passing through it, it is located on Egypt’s north coast about 220km away from Cairo. It dates back to 1900 BC and consists of two harbours: the East Harbour and the West Harbour where commercial shipping occurs. This port occupies 10.2 square kilometres and handles cargo tonnage exceeding 37.5 million tons and 1 million TEUs of containerized cargo annually.
It mainly deals with general cargo, containerized cargo, bulk cargo, coal, molasses, petroleum, timber cargo, and vegetable oil. It is connected to other regions in the country by good road and rail links.

Located 7km west of Alexandria, this port was first constructed in 1980 and began its operations in 1986. It handles container and general cargos, coal, grain, and iron ore. It has an annual cargo tonnage of more than 27 million tons and a container throughput of 1 million TEUs.
It is connected by road and rail to other regions in the country.

This port is located 8.5km west of River Nile on the Damietta branch that is westward of Ras El-Bar. Its facilities spread over an area of 11.8 square kilometres. This port handles dry bulk, containers, general cargo, and LNG. It handles an annual cargo tonnage exceeding 19.5 million tons and 1.2 million TEUs of containerized cargo.

Air Freight In Egypt

Below describes an overview of air freight forwarding in major airports of Egypt.

It is situated in Heliopolis, Cairo in Egypt and occupies 37 square kilometers. It was established during the 1940s and handles cargo tonnage of 100,000 tons per year.
It has good road links to other regions in the country.

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