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PANGEA LOGISTICS NETWORK is an International Freight Network of First Class independent Freight Forwarders with agents in all main airports/seaports worldwide. Our aim is to promote collaboration between Member Companies in order to gain competitiveness on the present market.


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What does Pangea offer ?

To join the Pangea Global Network of Freight Forwarder allows you to enjoy the same resources as a multinational in the transport and logistics sector but still keeping the autonomy of an independent freight forwarder.You will count on advantages such as a bonus discount of 25 dollars for each shipment that you make through the Network, online tools for carrying out and following up shipments, professional marketing resources, limited exclusivity and the prestige of forming part of a leading freight forwarders association.

What does Pangea mean ?

Pangea was an enormous continent that joint all the lands of the planet 300 million years ago. We have called our Network Pangea Logistics Network to symbolize our vision of a world in which there are no limits existing for the transport sector thanks to the efficient.

Pangea Credentials

Pangea Logistics Network, Ltd. is registered in England : 07464950. VAT Registration: GB123761625. We base our management and processes on ISO 9001 Quality Stardand.


Sarah Bidmead, Network Manager, leads the Pangea Team

PANGEA is bringing together a team of talented and savvy professionals to advise and support the Network’s portfolio buildup.

Sarah Bidmead leads the PANGEA Network, applying her vast experience in Networking and Marketing to develop a premium Network of Independent Freight Forwarders worldwide.Sarah is an experienced business developer and consultancy that has provided leadership, guidance and advice to private organizationsand associations from diverse sectors (Legal, Telecommunications, Accountancy, Education, Logistics). Being truly passionate and devoted to networking, communication and technology Sarah has founded PANGEA, in order to implement her background in a such a challenging field as International Freight Forwarding.

A Network of independent forwarders like you
The Pangea association of freight forwarders is made up of more than 180 members distributed all over the world … and also close to you! They are small and medium sized independent transport companies with a solid position in their area wishing to compete on the global market with the same resources of a multinational, without sacrificing their independence


What are our agents like?

If you join Pangea, you will definitely feel at home because our members are companies similar to yours. They are small and medium sized independent transport and logistics companies that have managed to preserve their independence along the years, but that are now faced with a grave dilemma: how to continue to compete in a market that is more and more dominated by the big multinationals?
The answer is Pangea.

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How do we select members?

After you apply to join our group, we carry out an exhaustive verification of the information stated on the application form and of the references requested to assure that your company fits within the profile of the companies of our network.
We also make sure that the limit of members accepted in your area is not yet covered, because in Pangea we protect the business of each member.
The process takes a few days and we could ask you for additional information at that time. Once finalised we will inform you of our decision and explain the next steps that you should follow.


Requirements for joining Pangea:

  • To be an independent transport company.
  • To count on a proven history in the sector.
  • To guarantee adequate financial solvency.
  • To be in a country where the limit of members has not been reached.
  • To commit yourselves to the aims, values and standards of Pangea.
  • To pass the compulsory selection process.

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Members obligations

All the transport companies that participate in Pangea compromise themselves to

  • Actively collaborate in the network offering and accepting shipments to and from other members
  • Maintain the commercial and operative quality standards that the Pangea network establishes.
  • Inform of any irregularity that they detect with regards to other members of the network.
  • Accept and respect the working regulations of the transport association.
  • Participate in the activities of the network (such as the Annual Assembly).
  • Fulfil the good commercial manners of payment etc. that members agree to.

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Stories of successful cooperation

It is extraordinary to see how Pangea Members join forces to offer customers the best freight solutions and accomplish successfully transport and logistics operations, special shipments and projects, complex routes and traffics.But not only this, they regularly cooperate to secure and gain new business, generate worthy leads and enter in global tenders.

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Highest freight professionalism

The wide range of transport services that the Pangea members offer is conceived in order to respond to any kind of transport and logistics requirements of large or small companies that need to move goods nationally or internationall.
Our members are leaders on their respective markets and have reputed trajectory. They understand the needs and expectations of customers, have deep knowledge of the local market, and a long track record in specific modes of transport (air, rail, ocean and inland) or industries (pharma, construction, automotive, textile, ADR…)

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Why Pangea?

Discover the strength of network cooperation

When we decided to start up the Pangea international network of freight forwarders, we did so to respond to a series of tendencies that were occurring in the transport sector and which threatened the future of the business such as we knew it. You can see what we refer to as follows!


The multinational groups are taking over the market

According to Transport Intelligence, the ten first transport companies of the world dominate 44% of the market. If this continues, in 30 years time half of the 100.000 present independent forwarders will have disappeared. Many transport companies will find themselves faced with choosing between being taken over or leaving the market. However, Pangea offers a third option: cooperation with fellow companies.


There is only one market and it is completely global

Internet has revolutionised the way of working in our sector and also the way that customers look for their suppliers. If your company does not figure on the first search page of results, it is as if you did not exist. With Pangea, you are certain to dispose of an online presence that really stands out and that only a big international group can achieve.


True benefit is in efficiency

How to earn money when competition is more and more intense and business margins are reduced? The only way of achieving this is by increasing efficiency and productivity by means of an advanced technological platform such as that offered by Pangea: management system and following up of shipments, secure payment, communication with other members, etc.

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The wide span of services has no limit

At any time, customers can ask for any type of service from their transport and logistics supplier: road, sea or air transport, picking, customs, warehouse, inverse logistics, etc. What happens if your company does not offer this service? Instead of saying no to the customer, you can look for a Pangea member who does and thus collaborate to make the most of the opportunity.


Advantages of forming part of Pangea

It is no secret that to compete in the present market, dominated by the big transport multinationals, is becoming more and more difficult. The international network of transport companies Pangea offers your business the tools needed in order to survive in the sector of global transport.

Attracting Customers

International reach

Access the best transport agents in your own country or in any part of the world to offer customers together a really true door to door service.

Prestige and credibility

Present your offers to customers with the backup of a great global transport network in order to compete with the most important companies of the sector.

Support on your offers

You will count on the backing of Pangea and our worldwide members when presenting commercial proposals to your customers. In this way, you will be able to prepare an offer with the same integrity and image as any big multinationals that operate in the sector.



Strict selection of members
To form part of our network of freight forwarders it is necessary to surpass an exhaustive personalised selection process in which we evaluate the trajectory, reputation, prestige and origins of each company within the transport sector.
Good financial practices
Relationships between members are made following a series of good financial practices that include the obligation of payment at max. 30 days, insurance contracting on risky transactions and transparency when sharing information.
Control and arbitrage
Pangea permanently supervises the transactions made on our platform in order to detect any possible infraction of the existing safety measures and if necessary suspend the account of the member that does not fulfil them.

Networking Tools

Advanced Technology
Use the advanced technology platform of Pangea to manage and follow up shipments and payments, to communicate with other members, etc.
Real Shipment and payment monitoring
All shipments in which members of the network participate are made by means of our own management and follow up platform. This lets you know at any time the situation of the order, enables you to solve any incidences or to send notifications, etc.
Tailor-made messages center for PANGEA Members to communicate in private and secure circles for contacts, leads, tenders, quote requests, shipment follow up, pre and post meeting contacts, etc.

Corporate Marketing

Marketing resources
Use our members marketing materials and send the best image of your company to customers so they are aware of all the services that you can offer them through your global network of transport companies, Pangea.
Visibility in Internet
We invest a great amount of resources in SEO and SEM in order to have a presence that stands out in Internet, customers will easily find you when they are looking for transport and logistics service suppliers in your zone. Furthermore, we will assign you the contacts from potential customers that correspond to your area.


Cooperation between members
Get to know cargo agencies like yours from all over the world, invite them to collaborate in your shipments and they will invite you to share theirs. Collaborate!
Networking value
The annual Assembly and the communication tools will permit you to make valuable contacts with the best independent transport forwarders in the world.
Power of decision
In Pangea, all the important decisions are made at the Annual Assembly, where you can make yourself heard in full equality with the other members.
Compatibility with other entities
To be a member of our network does not impede participation in other associations of the sector nor does it affect your alliance with other companies.

Our aims and values

The principles that define the way we work

Any organisation that wishes to be successful must define the goals they wish to achieve and the way that they wish to achieve them. In our case, the aims and values that give meaning to our activity are clear and all our members are totally compromised to the same.

Aims of PANGEA

To favour co-operation between members
We incentivize collaboration by offering a rebate of 25 dollars on each shipment made through the network, by facilitating efficient communication for cooperation and by selecting the agents that offer value to the rest of the members. Limiting the numbers of members per country protects your business and encourages collaboration in a positive manner.

To attract new customers and business opportunities
Through our excellently positioned website we attract customers from all over the world that we then assign to the members of our transport association in the country in question. We reinforce this task of attracting new customers by
means of the collaboration with partners of the sector worldwide.

To compete with multinational groups
We place at the disposal of members a range of online tools that help to increase efficiency; an image of the strong mark of our transport network; complete marketing materials that can be personalised; and added value services to reach customers in equal conditions.

To achieve excellence on operations and service

The operative standards of the Pangea network of freight forwarders, compulsory for all members to fulfil, assures the adequate working of the network and gives service to the customers, fulfilling the most demanding requisites.

Values of PANGEA

We place importance on transparency and the fluid and constant relationship between members to make the most of the business opportunities in a market 24 x 7.



We select members who actively participate in our transport association. Because the network is only worth it if all members collaborate!

We limit the number of members per country to make the customers freedom of election compatible with the due protection of the business of each partner.

For collaboration to be long lasting, our members agree to share business opportunities and to explore new common synergies.

In Pangea all members have the same rights and obligations and can make themselves heard regarding relevant decisions during the Annual Assembly.

Not everything is valid when doing business. To guarantee that the rights of everyone are respected, we fix business standards that can be seen here.

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