2018 Membership Awards, Best Partner Middle East

Speedy Active Freight, Pakistan

Speedy Active Freight has been awarded as “Best Partner Middle East” at the 2018 PANGEA Membership Awards ceremony, held during the Freightcamp event at the Marriott Hotel in Berlin on 18th October

The award was given to Speedy Active Freight based on their business contributions (in regards of freight volumes and diversified cooperation with other partners). Asad Khan, Partner from Speedy Active Freight, collected the award on behalf of the SAF Team.

Speedy Active Freight, PANGEA Member since 2014, is amongst the renowned global cargo service providers headquartered at Sialkot, Pakistan and offering full range of freight services since 1991. For more information please visit http://www.saf.com.pk.

Congratulations to the SAF team and thanks for your outstanding support.