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Rewarded Cooperation

Rewarded Cooperation

We recompense your collaboration with 25 $ per shipment
In order to encourage collaboration between cargo agents that form part of our international association of transport companies, every time that you make a shipment through Pangea you will receive an automatic bonus of 25 dollars. This is our way of thanking you for your pro-activity and of encouraging you to be a really valuable member of the network, because in this way we all come out as winners!

Marketing Support

Marketing Support

Take your marketing to a new level
As a Pangea member, you have access to all the necessary for being able to carry out marketing actions at the same level as a great multinational company, but at a fraction of the cost. For this we place at your disposal materials with the image of the Pangea mark, catalogues that you can personalise and an online position that will multiply your visibility.



How do we protect Pangea members?
The main purpose of Pangea is to establish a stable and long lasting cooperation between the members of our association of transport companies, in which all participants can do business under the most complete guarantees. To do so, we adopt every measure within our reach in order to protect the interests of our collaborators.

next global meeting

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2016 Global Meeting – Abu Dhabi – UAE

The 2016 Global Meeting will take place from 17-19 October in Abu Dhabi, bringing together PANGEA and CONNECTA Agents from around the world to celebrate the 5th PANGEA Global Meeting along with the 1st CONNECTA Global Meeting. The event includes a full 3 Days Program: Team Building, Social welcome Reception, 2 Days of Official Meeting Program and a great City Tour, Night Dinner & Entertainment.

See our last meeting photos, last year’s Meeting was held in Barcelona, Spain. More than 120 Delegates joined us from all over the world.


Abu Dhabi, UAE, 17-19 October